Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!

Bonjour! My name is Lise. About 15 years ago, I won an international singing / songwriting competition in Paris. I was stunned and unprepared. The following year, I was invited by the Canadian embassies to perform my French songs in a sold-out solo tour that was organized in nine countries in Asia and the Middle-East. This was what I thought I wanted the most. It was an incredible experience that I will forever cherish, yet once the tour was over, I felt increasingly anxious and unhappy. What was going on?

It was the discovery of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now  that changed the course of my life from seeking external validation and so-called success, to finding true inner peace, joy and deep fulfillment right here, right now. Thank you Eckhart!

Over the years, I have developed mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools, resources & programs for all ages that I would love to share with you. I love connecting with others who understand the value of living a conscious life. I have decided to move away from Facebook but you'll find me on MeWe:  mewe.com/i/lisevilleneuve

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Tools and Resources:

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40 Printable Mindfulness &

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Taken directly from the concepts taught in Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero, these 40 printable cards are wonderful daily reminders that allow kids and adults to practice and solidify their new mindfulness skills on a regular basis...



Mission  #12 (First lesson)

Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero

Cheeky and gifted Wise Willy makes it easy for parents and teachers to empower their kids for life with mindfulness and emotional intelligence! Wise Willy's Secret Manual is a comprehensive, structured 12-week course divided into twelve fun and engaging 45-minute lessons. Part 1 of each lesson is taught by Wise Willy on YouTube and Part 2 of each lesson is taught through imaginative short stories and practical activities that kids love. Learning these incredibly powerful skills for emotional self-regulation, self-knowledge and happiness become an effortless game with Wise Willy!



Mission  #11 (Second lesson)

Developing Your Super Senses

Part 1 (free YouTube lesson)

· Review games

· Introducing the Invisibles

· Introduction to meditation

· Understanding thoughts and body sensations


Part 2 (Available as an instant download)

· Story: Drew Discovers the Invisibles

· Secret # 2 revealed

· Now It’s Your Turn: Train Your Super Senses

· Fun poem that summarizes the lesson

· Superpower badge granted (Power of Observation)

· Mandala provided



Mission  #10 (Third lesson)

Using X-Ray Vision To See The Characters Inside Your Head

Part 1 (YouTube lesson)

· Review games

· Using your Super Senses

· The differences between our rational and emotional brains

· Brain anatomy explained with fun characters

· Body sensations and emotion-potions

· What’s an emotional emergency?


Part 2 (Available as an instant download)

· Story: The Tug of War Inside Rachel’s Head

· Secret # 3 revealed

· Now It’s Your Turn: Use Your X-Ray Vision

· Fun poem that summarizes the lesson

· Superpower badge granted (Power of Knowledge)

· Mandala provided