Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!

Bonjour! My name is Lise. I'm an artist at heart with a degree in psychology. I am also a mindfulness author and educator with many years of experience teaching kids and certifying adults. I see myself as a vessel through which consciousness can express itself creatively. Everything I create (songs, inspirational stories, mindfulness programs, books, workshops and other resources) comes from a genuine, inspired, conscious connection with the Divine. I offer these conscious creations with the humble intention of helping to raise the overall level of awareness in this world. Consequently, this reduces suffering and increases personal well-being and empowerment. Peace to you!

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Tools and Resources:

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40 Printable Mindfulness &

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Taken directly from the concepts taught in Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero, these 40 printable cards are wonderful daily reminders that allow kids and adults to practice and solidify their new mindfulness skills on a regular basis...



Mission  #12 (First lesson)

Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero

Cheeky and gifted Wise Willy makes it easy for parents and teachers to empower their kids for life with mindfulness and emotional intelligence! Wise Willy's Secret Manual is a comprehensive, structured 12-week course divided into twelve fun and engaging 45-minute lessons. Part 1 of each lesson is taught by Wise Willy on YouTube and Part 2 of each lesson is taught through imaginative short stories and practical activities that kids love. Learning these incredibly powerful skills for emotional self-regulation, self-knowledge and happiness become an effortless game with Wise Willy!



Mission  #11 (Second lesson)

Developing Your Super Senses

Part 1 (free YouTube lesson)

· Review games

· Introducing the Invisibles

· Introduction to meditation

· Understanding thoughts and body sensations


Part 2 (Available as an instant download)

· Story: Drew Discovers the Invisibles

· Secret # 2 revealed

· Now It’s Your Turn: Train Your Super Senses

· Fun poem that summarizes the lesson

· Superpower badge granted (Power of Observation)

· Mandala provided



Mission  #10 (Third lesson)

Using X-Ray Vision To See The Characters Inside Your Head

Part 1 (YouTube lesson)

· Review games

· Using your Super Senses

· The differences between our rational and emotional brains

· Brain anatomy explained with fun characters

· Body sensations and emotion-potions

· What’s an emotional emergency?


Part 2 (Available as an instant download)

· Story: The Tug of War Inside Rachel’s Head

· Secret # 3 revealed

· Now It’s Your Turn: Use Your X-Ray Vision

· Fun poem that summarizes the lesson

· Superpower badge granted (Power of Knowledge)

· Mandala provided