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Taken directly from the concepts taught in Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero, these 40 printable cards are wonderful daily reminders that allow kids and adults to practice and solidify their new mindfulness skills on a regular basis.


Each card is associated with a lesson from Wise Willy's Secret Manual (a comprehensive 12-week course).


These cards remind kids and adults to:

  • Practice deep belly breathing and stopping with the bell often
  • Be more aware of their thoughts and feelings
  • Remember the major differences between their rational and emotional brains
  • Remember the relationship between body sensations, emotions, thoughts and behaviors
  • Discern harmful thoughts from helpful thoughts
  • Be self-aware by identifying their general mood category
  • Be aware that perception is affected by thoughts and feelings
  • Build up their tolerance for discomfort
  • Apply the skills they have learned to repair the damage after an emotional reaction or a conflict
  • Make themselves feel better by self-regulating their moods in a healthy way

...and more!


You can easily print, cut and laminate your cards that will last a very long time.


40 Printable Mindfulness / Emotional Intelligence Cards (Daily Reminders)

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