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First Lesson: The Power of Attention.


Wise Willy’s Secret Manual is a comprehensive course for kids (aged 8+) on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The course is packaged as a series of 12 e-books that teach life-changing skills to families through fun stories, interactive videos, practical activities and much more!


Every e-book shares a unique lesson (or “Mission”) that progressively teaches kids how to feel happy, confident, and strong. Cheeky Wise Willy helps kids to develop their 12 mindful Superpowers: Power of Awareness, Meditation, Knowledge, Discernment, Understanding, Forgiveness, Attention, Observation, Focus, Perception, Tolerance & Letting Go.


This well-structured, kid-friendly course on emotional intelligence and mindfulness helps kids to:

  • Understand the connection between their mind and body
  • Learn the purpose and meaning of their emotions
  • Become aware of what they are thinking and feeling
  • Self-Regulate their moods to feel happy, confident & strong!


All 12 e-books from this series include:

  • An interactive video lesson taught by Wise Willy
  • An engaging short story that solidifies the concepts learned
  • An essential “secret” that is revealed by Wise Willy
  • A practical activity
  • A short poem that summarizes the lesson
  • A mandala to be colored while kids are listening to their story
  • A Superpower badge


Author Lise Villeneuve is an award-winning singer/songwriter with a degree in Psychology who also wrote the beloved Conscious Kids Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy Program. 


Try Lesson 1 at no cost, for a limited time only!


First Lesson: Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero

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