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The Paradox of Peace: How We Unknowingly Support War

Updated: Apr 25

In our quest for peace, both internally and in the wider world, we often encounter a paradox: despite our declarations of wanting peace, our daily actions and attitudes may inadvertently support conflict. This contradiction arises not from a place of malice, but from the subtleties of human behavior and thought patterns that we might not always be aware of.

The Unseen Support for War

When we take sides in any dispute, our intention might be to support what we believe is right. However, this act of choosing one side over another inherently creates division. This division, at its core, is a building block of conflict, moving us further away from the unity required for true peace.

Feeling powerless or succumbing to apathy in the face of global or personal conflicts is another way we unknowingly endorse war. This passivity might seem harmless, but on an energetic level, it's akin to giving our silent nod to the status quo of discord and strife. It's as if our inaction whispers agreement to the perpetuation of conflicts raging around us.

Moreover, when we blame others for our emotions or circumstances, we're engaging in a form of internal warfare. This blame game not only disempowers us, making us feel like victims of external forces, but it also sows seeds of bitterness and division, fueling the very conflicts we wish to dissolve.

Charting a Path to Peace: 6 Steps Forward

Recognizing these patterns is the first step towards change. To truly embrace peace, we must be willing to explore new ways of thinking and being. Here are six powerful steps to begin fostering peace in your own life and, by extension, in the world:

  1. Embrace Neutrality: Cease fueling division by taking sides. Envision and work towards a world united in peace.

  2. Elevate Your Energy: Overcome apathy by actively raising your vibration. Dedicate your focus to fostering peace.

  3. Choose Positivity: Reject the cycle of fear perpetuated by negative media. Feed your soul with uplifting and empowering content.

  4. Be a Beacon of Peace: Don't wait for external resolutions to conflict. Cultivate peace within and radiate it outward.

  5. Own Your Emotions: Shift from blaming others for your feelings to understanding the power of your own thoughts in shaping your emotions.

  6. Respond with Compassion: Break the cycle of negativity. Offer your heartfelt wishes for healing to those struggling, thereby protecting and empowering both yourself and them.

These steps represent a profound shift towards personal and global peace, emphasizing the power of individual actions in the collective quest for harmony.

Join the Movement Toward Peace

By adopting these principles, we each embark on a journey of transformation that has the potential to ripple outwards, influencing others and the world at large. The change starts with us, in the choices we make and the energy we choose to put into the world. Let's walk this path together, fostering a world where peace is not just a dream, but a reality.


Lise Villeneuve

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