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Mindfulness for Kids!

Discover the Joy of Mindfulness for Kids with
Wise Willy's Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero!

Stories are powerful! They make learning fun!

Designed to captivate and educate young minds, this 12-week program introduces mindfulness and emotional intelligence in a fun, engaging way, with interactive videos, practical activities, and inspiring stories that help kids develop mindfulness skills.


Ideal for children aged 8 and above, this unique and powerfully transformative course makes learning about mindfulness and emotional awareness an enjoyable and empowering experience.


Through Wise Willy's adventures, children will learn to navigate their emotions, cultivate self-awareness, and build resilience. Embark on this exciting journey with your child and watch them grow into happy, confident, and emotionally intelligent individuals.

Get the complete course and start today! 


Meet Wise Willy...

Wise Willy is a cheeky, funny and gifted little dude with secret abilities. He may look helpless and naïve, but he is a Master of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. His mission is to help kids develop and strengthen their mindful Superpowers so they can feel happy, confident and strong! Wise Willy knows how important it is to make learning FUN for kids.


His comprehensive 12-week course is taught through short stories, practical activities, interactive videos and much more. It's super easy to follow and designed for parents to teach it to their kids from the comfort of their homes.


Wise Willy's Secret Manual

From Conscious Kids to Wise Willy’s Secret Manual...

• The Wise Willy Series evolved organically from the Conscious Kids Mindfulness Program Lise wrote and has been teaching since 2015. Lise is an experienced mindfulness teacher & an award-winning singer-songwriter-author with a degree in Psychology.

• Lise used the precious feedback she received from teaching kids and parents over the years to write the Wise Willy Series in 2021.

What Parents Have Said About Conscious Kids...

"I am so impressed with the quality of Lise’s original stories, and the thought and care that went into every detail of this class. My kids and I are using what we learned daily and having the tools and words we need to practice mindfulness is a gift that will help us all immensely as our family evolves. The value we received from the class and the class materials were worth every penny. I highly recommend this class to all families with young kids!” 

-Madelen O.


"Conscious Kids has made a lasting impression on our family- it is a unique & refreshing curriculum that is fun, thought provoking and useful. This course has given my 6-year-old a new vocabulary of words that support his emotional and mental health. This curriculum is a perfect fit for both home-school and public school. We were excited to do the activities every week and read the stories and submitted as part of our Social Studies component. Our advisor was very impressed with content and presentation of all. Thank you so much for creating this!"​

-Nicolle N. 

"As a teacher I found this course to be useful not only for students but also for myself as an adult. I was able to use previous lessons with the students I have been working with when they feel overwhelmed, or when they need help navigating their emotions and feelings. Helping children become more mindful will help them throughout their life!"


-Robyn, Teacher.

The Wise Willy Course Help Kids To...
Wise Willy Course
Understand the
between their
mind and body
Wise Willy Course
Learn the purpose and meaning of their emotions
Wise Willy Course
Become aware of what they are thinking and feeling
Wise Willy Course
Self-Regulate their moods to feel happy, confident & strong!
This course is for you if you want to...

  • Provide a fun, comprehensive, structured and thorough mindfulness & emotional intelligence course to your kids.

  • Incorporate a mindfulness practice into your home.

  • Participate in your children’s learning by sharing inspirational stories with them.

  • Improve your family communication and strengthen your emotional bond.

"Wise Willy's Secret Manual is such a great resource to explore with my kids. The video was short enough to keep the kids' attention and engaged them in some great discussions.  The story and the exercise, was very accessible.  The kids really liked the practice included at the end.  The colouring sheet is a great idea to keep the kids paying attention while keeping their hands busy.  Great first lesson!"

-Amiellie, mom of 3

Get Ready for an Empowering, Life-Changing Journey...

How is the course packaged? 

Wise Willy’s Secret Manual is a comprehensive 12-week course for kids (aged 8+) on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The course is packaged as a series of 12 e-books that teach life-changing skills to kids through fun stories, interactive videos, practical activities and much more!

Wise Willy Course

Start anytime!

Go at your own pace. One lesson per week is  recommended

Wise Willy Course
Follow 12 easy lessons that include a story, a video, an activity and more!
Wise Willy Course

Integrate a

weekly mindfulness practice in your home.

Wise Willy Course

Watch your

family flourish!


All 12 Lessons Include...

  • A 12 to 15-minute interactive video-lesson taught by cheeky

      Wise Willy


  • A short story that solidifies the concepts learned in a fun, creative way

  • An essential "secret" that is revealed by Wise Willy

  • A suggested practical activity

  • A short poem that summarizes the weekly lesson

  • A mandala to be colored while kids are listening to their weekly story

  • A Superpower badge

What You Will Learn 

Wise Willy’s Secret Manual teaches kids how to…

  • Stay cool and calm with their super breath

  • Sense The Invisibles inside them (thought and body sensations)

  • Use X-Ray vision to see their rational and emotional brain

  • Understand how emotion-potions work

  • Slow down the emotional emergency train

  • Discern helpful thought-spells from harmful ones

  • Quickly identify their mood category

  • Change the world they see

  • Build up their tolerance for discomfort

  • Repair the damage after an emotional reaction

  • Make themselves feel better by self-regulating their moods ... and much more!


"The unique, creative and thorough curriculum in the Wise Willy course is designed to bring families together in a spirit of cooperation, understanding and joy"

Download the full course now and get started!

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