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Full Course: All 12 e-Books


Wise Willy’s Secret Manual is a comprehensive course for kids (aged 8+) on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The course is packaged as a series of 12 e-books that teach life-changing skills to families through fun stories, interactive videos, practical activities and much more!


Every e-book shares a unique lesson (or “Mission”) that progressively teaches kids how to feel happy, confident, and strong. Cheeky Wise Willy helps kids to develop their 12 mindful Superpowers: Power of Awareness, Meditation, Knowledge, Discernment, Understanding, Forgiveness, Attention, Observation, Focus, Perception, Tolerance & Letting Go.


This well-structured, kid-friendly course on emotional intelligence and mindfulness helps kids to:

  • Understand the connection between their mind and body
  • Learn the purpose and meaning of their emotions
  • Become aware of what they are thinking and feeling
  • Self-Regulate their moods to feel happy, confident & strong!


All 12 e-books from this series include:

  • An interactive video lesson taught by Wise Willy
  • An engaging short story that solidifies the concepts learned
  • An essential “secret” that is revealed by Wise Willy
  • A practical activity
  • A short poem that summarizes the lesson
  • A mandala to be colored while kids are listening to their story
  • A Superpower badge


The first book of the series is called “Mission 12”, followed by “Mission 11”, “Mission 10” and so on. Books should be followed in this order without skipping any missions. Author Lise Villeneuve is an award-winning singer/songwriter with a degree in Psychology who also wrote the beloved Conscious Kids Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy Program. For more information:


When purchasing this item, you will receive Wise Willy's complete course (all 12 e-books in PDF format).

Full Course 12 e-books - Wise Willy's Secret Manual

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