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What People Have Said About Lise 



Wise Willy's Mindfulness Program for Kids & Mindfulness Training for Adults:


​"I have moved through two programs now with Lise. The Wise Willy Program I have done with my kids and it has been invaluable. Together we learned tools to help us navigate everyday emotions and reactions. Most valuable was the language that we all learned to help us engage in discussions around emotional awareness, language that shows up in our every day interactions with each other.

The most recent course I took with Lise is directed more towards adults and involved a series of one on one meetings with Lise to cover various aspects of conscious awareness. If I could use one word to describe my experience it would be 'transformative'. Lise holds such space for engaging conversation centered on the contents of each session. Although I learned so much with her the dynamic felt as equals as opposed to teacher-student. She is open minded and receptive to my questions and contributions, engaging with an open heart and curiosity. I have gained so much more language and technique to help open up the avenues of self awareness and while I'm not a new person per se I've earned so many tools from which to draw to help me grow a little each day that my way of looking inward and outward has evolved. Thank you Lise for your offerings. I am so grateful to have learned with you!"


​-Lee Ling Ting, July 2023


Workshops / Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence:


"Lise Villeneuve's approach to teaching mindfulness is unique and effective. With her Mary Poppin's type bag of tools, metaphors and examples, Lise has been able to help seniors learn the principles of Mindfulness that they can apply to their lives. For several, these tools have been life changing. Teaching how to control emotions, reduce chronic pain, and cope with the kinds of issues seniors face on a daily basis, has made a measurable impact on the seniors at the Edmonton Seniors Centre. If you have a chance to hear her speak or take one of her classes, I encourage you to avail yourself of the opportunity. It can change your perspective and your life." 


-Linda F. Ensley, MBA. Assist. Executive Director of the Edmonton Senior Centre at the Edmonton General Hospital



"We brought Lise in to facilitate an on-site workshop on emotional literacy for my staff. We are a not-for-profit before and after school care program, and we do have some children in our care who have anxiety and who could use more coaching on emotional regulation. Lise was able to provide us with great insight, and offered us some techniques to use in helping children to calm down, and to help them identify what they are feeling. Her workshop was very interactive, which was great. She was wonderful to work with, as she asked me what I was hoping to get out of a workshop, and tailored it to my needs. I also wanted to invite parents to the workshop, as I felt it would be beneficial for them. Lise was very open to that as well."
-Jessica Chiu, Executive Director of McKernan Child Care Society



"The members in my group all suffer from a variety of chronic pain and my goal is to help then achieve acceptance and learn tools to minimize their pain. We all enjoyed how Lise kept the group interactive by participating in questions. She shared personal stories and an important mindfulness tool (the body scan). Their response to Lise was absolutely positive and they were thrilled to experience a method to help them control something that has taken so much from them. The look on their faces was of surprise and relief in the new knowledge that they can have some control over their pain. Lise was an amazing instructor and I could not only hear their thanks but could see the gratitude on their faces. Lise has truly given them the gift of hope."
-Lori, Instructor of the Surviving To Thriving Chronic Pain Support Group at the Edmonton General Hospital.

Conscious Kids Teacher Certification Training Program:


​"I am an educator by profession and a well-being and mental health advocate for young children. Most of my work for the past 17 years includes teaching preschool and elementary-aged children. Currently, aside from teaching online, I help manage Creative Corner and Learning Center Inc., a school based in the Philippines that I co-founded in 2012. I am excited to include Mindfulness in the school’s curriculum and in our teacher training. I am blessed to have found this program that had a tremendous impact on me and I'm certain that it will greatly benefit our school community especially during this “new” normal, where everyone needs to learn more essential skills in life."


​-Anna V.



"I recommend this Instructor Certification Training because it’s put together really well. The stories are so powerful, the lessons are outlined very precisely with intention, and you have flexibility on delivery to make it your own. There's so much self-work that happens too; it’s unreal!"


​-Vanessa W.



"If you are looking to expand your consciousness (as well as the consciousness of your family) and move towards a more connected and joyous life, this is an invaluable course to teach you skills and resources. Your life journey will thank you!"


​-Erin L.



​"I Just have to say wow Lise Villeneuve, this course that you have opened up and shared with us is so powerful. Life-changing really! The stories are so bang on and insightful, even for my 4 year-old daughter. The step-by-step lesson plans are so enriched with such deep teachings, but in such a soft and gentle way for all ages. Again, thank you! And I just wanted to say that you are rocking it as a mindfulness teacher, and you are touching the lives of many. With gratitude."


​-Denise J-P.



​"I highly recommend this program both to those who want to enjoy it with their families, as well as those looking to become instructors - our world needs more of this! Each lesson shares an empowering message alongside fun activities and a story that kids can truly grasp and have shown to love - my son is another great example of this. Not only is the content 100%, so is Lise! She is a knowledgeable, accessible, and supportive teacher that I am grateful to work with. This program truly surpassed my expectations & I trust that you will not be disappointed!"


​-Jenna H.


​Conscious Kids Mindfulness Program:


"I'm helping to spread the word about Conscious Kids. Spiritual awareness starts at a young age, and I love to see families working to raise their consciousness -together!"


-James Van Praagh (USA)/



​"What you are doing is absolutely wonderful! It's in alignment with my vision for emotional and conscious intelligence for children and young adults."


​-Isira, Spiritual teacher and author (Australia)/



"Imagine navigating your way in a foreign land without a map or anyone else to guide you or point you in the right direction. Well, it can be a very hard and difficult experience. Navigating through life can be equally if not more perilous, and this is why giving your child a roadmap helps. Lise Villeneuve has designed one such map in the form of this course that you may consider gifting your child." 


-Suzy Singh (New Delhi, India)/



"There is a great need for Conscious Kids in Greece. It will greatly enrich our lives. An enormous Thank You!"


-Sonja Norman, Athens, Greece



"As a teacher, I loved this program because it's a complete package. The lessons are easy to follow, the stories are interesting, and the concepts are explained clearly and in detail. " 


-Anna V.


“Lise set a relaxed and empathetic tone in each class and used great, kid-friendly visuals to reinforce complex concepts. We participated in different activities and games each week, and every class ended with an engaging story. We had a lot of fun together as a family! Even though the class is for kids, I got as much out it as my kids did, and the skills I learned are helping me to be a more conscious parent. I am so impressed with the quality of Lise’s original stories, and the thought and care that went into every detail of this class. My kids and I are using what we learned daily, and having the tools and words we need to practice mindfulness is a gift that will help us all immensely as our family evolves. The value we received from the class and the class materials were worth every penny. I highly recommend this class to all families with young kids!” 


-Madelen O.



"Conscious Kids has made a lasting impression on our family- it is a unique & refreshing curriculum that is fun, thought provoking and useful. This course has given my 6-year-old a new vocabulary of words that support his emotional and mental health. This curriculum is a perfect fit for both home-school and public school. We were excited to do the activities every week and read the stories and submitted as part of our Social Studies component. Our advisor was very impressed with content and presentation of all. Thank you so much for creating this!"​


-Nicolle N. 



"I have been searching a long time for a program that would take what I was learning myself - how to be a more conscious adult - and explain it in a kid friendly way. Lise created that program! I was so excited when I found it! My eight-year-old son loved it! The follow up stories and activities really drove the concepts home in a meaningful way and allowed my son to experience hands on learning. As a mother and an early childhood educator, I would highly recommend Lise's program to anyone with children. It makes the concepts of mindfulness, being in the present moment and learning about feelings and emotions fun and easy to understand."


-Kari Peterson, BEd (British Columbia)



"We really enjoyed the class!! We came away with so many great tools to practice!! I appreciated it being a program for the whole family.  While all the teachings were shared creatively and as simply as possible at a level for kids, they were helpful for us adults, too.  I think we as adults benefit as much, if not more than the kids when we receive simple teachings.  And now, we have tools that aren’t coming “from Mom and Dad” so to speak, but for all of us.  Now we can all use the same language with examples to remind each other how to be with uncomfortable emotions and challenging situations." 


-Heidi, Mother of two.



"As a teacher I found this course to be useful not only for students but also for myself as an adult. I was able to use previous lessons with the students I have been working with when they feel overwhelmed, or when they need help navigating their emotions and feelings. Helping children become more mindful will help them throughout their life!"


-Robyn, Teacher.



"We have been extremely impressed with the Conscious Kids mindfulness class! My husband and I are learning just as much as, if not more than our kids! This is something I was never taught as a kid, it wasn't until I was an adult needing therapy that these concepts were introduced to me. I'm thrilled that my kids have the opportunity to learn emotional intelligence in such a fun, creative, relevant and interesting class! It's also given us as parents a framework and vocabulary to use as we're helping the kids navigate their emotions and interactions during the week. The class has been exactly what we were looking for and has been well worth every penny!"


-The Mullins family.



"We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and they really helped open the dialogue at home."


- Sarah H.


Counseling, Health Coaching and Wellness Programs:


“Lise listens and makes me feel so comfortable, I can tell her anything. I was given the gift of healing process, and from hitting rock bottom that initial consultation got me back up on my feet again. Lise helped me find that guiding inner-light within me again that I felt I would never be able to get back. Her immaculate, very well-put together Programs are intelligently and meticulously organized to work for anybody. Every consultation, every weekly task and goal have slowly regenerated my energy. My mood has improved, I went from hiding in the shadows of my own emotions I bottled away to being brave enough to share my experience. Lise is that rare person that said something to me I have not even told myself in a while, and that was that she believed in me and that I was made for greatness. Those powerful words that Lise said have allowed me to believe in myself again. I am now on the right track and know I will achieve my life-long dream. I am blessed, grateful, and so privileged to have Lise in my life!”


–Daniela B.



“I am working with Lise because I wanted further support, guidance and accountability in my personal health goals. The curriculum is great! The concepts are simple and practical and have truly enlightened my perspective on how to live this life. It’s a good guide to keep me moving without being overloaded with information or challenges. We should always be in a state of growth and this course is appropriate for anyone at any stage of their journey.”


–Kimberley W.



“I enrolled myself in Lise’s program to improve my overall health and well-being. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have learned a lot! Lise is patient, attentive and a very good listener!! She displays a very friendly and compassionate demeanour and presents her learning material very well. She inspires me to possibly become a Health Coach myself! I highly recommend this course!”


–Lisa A.



“I met Lise for the first time when she gave me a health consultation. My goal was to lose weight and Lise helped me to see how much a spiritual perspective can accelerate weight loss. She reminded me how important it is to take care of myself, love myself and find harmony in my life. I recommend her services because she really knows how to help people.”


–Sarah T.


“I contacted Lise because I have a strong desire to manifest a new life for myself. Lise has offered me many options to stabilize my current situation. I’m honored to know her. She is ultimately caring, honest, and a great person.”


–Tina W.


“My main concern is my health despite a chronic condition. During my session, Lise gave me tips on healthy snacks, meals, and new ingredients. This was a customized, friendly, helpful experience. Lise is very knowledgeable, caring, and non-judgemental. I recommend her services.”


–Paulette B.



“Lise has a very calming presence that centers you. Her knowledge was helpful in that it gave me more options, and possibly a key to my path. It's nice to find someone who can clear some of the fog and simplify your journey!"


–Anita D.


“I attended one of Lise’s talks because I was curious to see if she was actually interested in helping people. I found that Lise has the gifted ability to advise, she is well educated, and she has the knowledge of how to immediately heal people.”


–Dan K. Shaman Healer

Mindfulness Musical:


"It was refreshing to have a mindfulness experience that was silly and funny as well as intentional. My child loved the songs and the characters resonated with her. We still talk about Monkey Mind when she wants to feel more grounded."


-Hania K.



"We were leaving the parking lot and the boys asked when they could go again. I asked them what their favourite part was, and they said the story. It was a positive experience for them! They really enjoyed it. We talked about Monkey Mind quite a bit that afternoon. Thank you for providing this for children, you are making a positive contribution to their well being. You all did a wonderful job!!!!


-Natalie P.

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