Meet Wise Willy...

I was completely shocked...
I was gardening the other day when a family walked by. They had three kids, and the youngest one looked about two years old. He was staring at me intensely with a twinkle in his blue eyes. Then, when all his family members were ahead of him, he threw a paper airplane my way and winked at me. I thought "how sweet!"
They all walked away, I waved goodbye and picked up the airplane. I was surprised to find writing inside it that looked like child's handwriting. I was even more shocked when I read it! I just had to help this little guy! Here's what his letter said...
Dear Lise,
I read in our community newsletter that you are a mindfulness teacher. I need your help! My name is Wise Willy. I am two years old but I am not a typical and blissfully clueless infant. As you can see, I am able to read and write. I have special gifts and abilities that allow me to absorb and retain very large amounts of information rapidly. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY knows about my gifts. You are the first person on earth I tell about this. Please don't tell anyone. I beg you.
Do you know how exhausting is it to have to play DUMB all the time? Do you know how FRUSTRATING it is to have the mind of a scholar trapped inside a tiny, clumsy body? Do you have ANY idea what I could accomplish if I had access to a credit card, a computer and an internet connection?
I desperately need your help! Too many people don't understand the relationship between their body, mind and spirit. This means that a LOT of people are unhappy and they don't really know how to make themselves feel better in a sustainable way. If babies were born with a USER MANUAL that clearly explained how their brains and bodies worked, that problem would be solved, but since that's not available at our local hospitals, there is a LOT of work to do! We can't expect the world to be a loving, peaceful, happy place if the majority of people are feeling frustrated and miserable, right? You get it, since you're a mindfulness teacher!
My insatiable curiosity about mindfulness and emotional literacy has allowed me to become very well-versed in these subjects. I have a BURNING DESIRE to share my knowledge with the world! I know without a doubt that this is my life's purpose. But I'm going to need your help to get started with the three c': a credit card, a computer and a connection to the internet. Could you please help me? Thank you, and please, please, PLEASE don't tell my parents about this!
Wise Willy
So there you have it. I've always been a sucker for cute faces! I have helped Wise Willy set up his social media accounts and he now has a computer with an internet connection. Feel free to reach out and see what he's up to! He's never used social media before so it could take him some time to get used to it. I'm sure he'll appreciate it if you "friend him" and say hello with a warm welcome.
Special thanks to Jodie Parkinson in Melbourne, Australia, for creating this lovely image of Wise Willy that protects his privacy.