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Whether you're interested in deepening your understanding through our Mindfulness Training Program, exploring our diverse digital Resources for Well-Being, seeking an enriching experience for your child with our Mindfulness Course for Kids, or wanting to join our Edmonton Spiritual Meetup Group, we are here to assist you.


At Lise Villeneuve's Conscious Living Solutions, we value your input and are always eager to expand our Boutique with products and resources that resonate with your needs.


If you have a suggestion for a new product or resource, or any inquiries about our existing offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to begin a conversation that could lead to transformative changes in your life or the lives of those you care for. Your journey towards greater well-being and conscious living is just a message away.

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 Conscious Living Solutions | Transformative Tools for Optimal Well Being  


At Conscious Living Solutions, we believe in the power of mindfulness, psychology, and spirituality to empower individuals to live consciously and make choices that align with their values. Our workshops, coaching sessions, and online resources support individuals on their journey towards self-awareness, growth, and joy. Join us and embrace a mindful lifestyle for greater well-being. 

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