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Try Wise Willy's Mindfulness Course! First Lesson FREE this week ONLY!

Before Covid hit, I was teaching the very successful Conscious Kids Mindfulness Program to families here in Edmonton. I was also training teachers via the Conscious Kids Certification Training Program I created. Because I wasn't able to teach in-person anymore, I wanted to offer a solid program that families could easily follow from home. The Wise Willy Series IS that program. It evolved organically from my years of experience as a mindfulness author, teacher and trainer. I am confident that the Wise Willy Series is even more powerful, fun and life-changing than my original Conscious Kids Program. Find out for yourself! The first lesson from Wise Willy's Secret Manual is available AT NO COST this week only!


Lise Villeneuve

More Information about the Wise Willy Series:

The Wise Willy Mindfulness and emotional intelligence course is for kids aged 8+. It's a comprehensive, 12-week course designed to be done at home (preferably with a parent). It's very easy to follow and fun for kids. Families are encouraged to set aside 1-hour per week for a period of 12 weeks to complete this life-changing course.

Each lesson has two parts. Part one is a 15-minute YouTube video taught by cheeky Wise Willy who introduces the essential concepts in a fun, lighthearted and interactive way. Part two includes a short story (to be read by an adult while the kids color the provided mandala of the week), a revealed secret, a practical activity & focus of the week, a fun poem that summarizes the lesson, a Superpower badge and a printable mandala. All 12 lessons are sold as individual e-books.


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