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What We All Secretly Want For Christmas...

As the holiday season approaches, twinkling lights adorn the streets, festive tunes fill the air, and the excitement of gift-giving and receiving builds up. Amidst the bustling preparations and the quest for the perfect presents, it's easy to forget the essence of what we're truly seeking during this time of year: inner peace and happiness.

This Christmas, let's take a moment to reflect on what we genuinely desire. While the thrill of unwrapping gifts and the joy of festive gatherings are integral parts of the holiday experience, they are not the sources of lasting happiness. The truth is, what we all yearn for is to feel peaceful and content within ourselves, and no external factor can permanently provide that.

Santa, in his recent heartfelt video-message, reminded us of this vital lesson. He emphasized that while the material aspects of Christmas are delightful, they are not the core of our fulfillment. What we're really searching for cannot be found wrapped under a tree or in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. The true essence of happiness and contentment lies within us.

The path to genuine happiness and liberation is not through accumulating more possessions or seeking external validation. It is found in surrendering our personal self and embracing our divine nature. This profound journey involves recognizing that our true essence goes beyond the physical and material aspects of our existence.

Embracing our divine nature means acknowledging and nurturing the spiritual aspect of our being. It's about connecting with the deeper, more meaningful aspects of life - love, compassion, gratitude, and a sense of oneness with the world around us. In doing so, we align ourselves with a state of inner peace and contentment that is not dependent on external circumstances.

This Christmas, let's strive to cultivate this inner joy. Let's spend time in reflection, in appreciating the simple moments, in expressing love and gratitude to those around us. Let’s engage in acts of kindness and generosity, not just in giving material gifts but also in offering our time, attention, and compassion.

In surrendering to our divine nature, we open ourselves to the true magic of Christmas. It's a time for renewal, for celebrating the light within us, and for recognizing the unity we share with all of existence. This holiday season, let the greatest gift we seek and offer be the gift of understanding, accepting, and nurturing our true selves.

In embracing this journey, we find that the peace and happiness we seek are not just for Christmas, but for a lifetime. Let this season be a reminder that the key to our deepest desires lies within us, waiting to be discovered and celebrated. Merry Christmas, and may you find the true joy and peace you seek.

Lise Villeneuve

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