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The Secret To Healing Broken Relationships. Try This Simple Tip Now. Reduce Conflict & Enemies.

Dear Diary,

I'm quite sensitive and I don’t like conflict, so I've been contemplating a mindful approach to handling negativity and aggression from others, especially when it's directed at me. It's fascinating how our private thoughts about people significantly influence our relationships. Our energy, be it positive or negative, is palpable even across vast distances.

To nurture harmonious relationships instead of engaging in stressful conflicts, I have to examine my own thoughts and energy towards challenging individuals. How does my energy contribute to disharmony? Do I truly seek peace, or does my ego gain satisfaction from self-righteousness and victimhood?

Honestly, I've often chosen conflict over peace in the past, but now I know better. Sending peaceful thoughts and genuine wishes of wellbeing to difficult people transforms ME and, consequently, changes our relationship. This marks the first powerful step in healing relationships. Next time, I'll explore the three choices we have when responding to others' negativity or aggressive behaviors. Peace!

Lise Villeneuve

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