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Experiencing What Felt Like Hell...

On this anniversary of my birth, I feel deep gratitude and peace, and I send this loving vibration your way. The past few months have been very challenging for me (and for millions of others too). Almost everything that had previously brought me a sense of comfort and security has been crumbling to the ground, and I have been forced to face my fear of death head-on. Death of precious loved ones, death of the world I thought I knew and trusted, death of certain relationships, death of "me" as an individual.

The past few months have really forced me to understand and accept that there is no personal "me" who's in control here. Reality is simply unfolding. If "I" don't like it, "I" can act and try to change things up to a certain point with my will, but ultimately, the only sane way to live is to do my best and surrender the rest. Trusting in a higher-power allows me to drop whatever burden I'm carrying at the end of each day. What a relief! What a joy!

I see now that what I thought brought me comfort and security were nothing but illusions, just like the death of anything is also ultimately an illusion. There is only really ONE of us here, but we are confused and divided by thoughts and beliefs that cause us a great deal of suffering.

Yes, it has been hard. I have been forced to process and release a lot of negative thoughts and emotions, but now I see the glorious gift that has emerged from this perceived darkness. Today, as you read this, I send you Love. We are One, regardless of our beliefs and superficial differences. Peace!


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