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Mindfulness Training with Lise

Mindfulness is a Superpower!


Over the past decades, I have been working with people from all walks of life as a counselor, health and wellness advisor, life coach, Reiki master, spiritual mentor, and mindfulness instructor. As much as I love these different modalities that are all powerful in their own unique ways, I have found mindfulness to be the most effective and life-changing discipline that radically enhances well being, contentment and our capacity for self-empowerment in a simple, yet permanent way.


What exactly is mindfulness, and how can it positively change your life? The following illustrations sum up how practising mindfulness trains us to use our higher mind. Click on each image to enlarge it.


Higher Mind versus Lower Mind...

Practising mindfulness and deepening your emotional awareness allows you to filter and process life through your higher mind, as opposed to your lower mind. By understanding how your body sensations, thoughts and emotions are all interconnected, and by acknowledging how these are at the very root of your behaviours, perception and experiences, you are able to respond gracefully to life’s challenges with empowerment, as opposed to reacting and constantly trying to fix or control things in the world “out there” - because you believe they need to be a certain way in order for you to feel peaceful and content.


Experience More Clarity and Inner Peace...

Once you learn how to be more self-aware and in tune with the wisdom of your own body and emotions, you become increasingly skilled at self-regulating your own happiness from within. This is a radically different way of living!


Mindfulness and emotional awareness allow you to take your power back, and this inevitably brings more contentment, clarity, vitality, fulfilment, and joy into your life! As you deepen your understanding of your own thoughts and emotions, and as you practice your self-awareness on a regular basis, you will quickly become the master of your inner world.

Let's Work Together!

I am always so excited to see the rapid changes happening within the wonderful people I work with! Mindfulness training is very empowering, and it’s different from counselling because it’s not necessary to share any personal stories of struggle with me to move forward - although I’m always open to listening and advising if you are looking for feedback on specific issues. I encourage my clients to apply everything they are learning to the challenging situations in their lives, and with a little time and practice, they naturally become their own best advisors.

Are you ready to start your mindfulness training? It will change your life! 

Please contact me for more details

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