Lise is currently offering the following workshops and presentations. She also offers customized events to meet your needs.

Helping Our Loved Ones Manage Big Emotions. Two-hour Workshop for teachers and parents

During this 2-hour interactive workshop, teachers and parents will:

  • Learn all about the relationship between thoughts, emotions and body sensations;

  • Learn to demystify the language of emotions, as well as their purpose;

  • Understand the very important role of negative emotions and how to deal with them appropriately;

  • Develop emotional literacy and body awareness;

  • Learn how to prevent emotional storms;

  • Learn what to do when an emotional storm occurs in children (or adults);

  • Learn emotional self-regulation techniques that kids can practice to make themselves feel better;

  • Understand why deep belly breathing is so effective and how to practice it correctly;

  • Learn about the 3 options we always have when we feel stuck or didn't get what we wanted (this technique eliminates whining, complaining or negativity);

  • Learn practical tips that help kids and adults resolve personal conflicts with others and boost feelings of happiness, inner peace and contentment.

Understanding the Phenomenal Power of our Thoughts:
One-hour Presentation 

During this 1-hour interactive presentation, participants will:

  • Learn about the relationship between their thoughts, emotions and physical sensations;

  • Learn how to easily assess if their thinking is mostly helpful or stressful on a daily basis;

  • Learn simple self-awareness / mindfulness techniques that instantly increase inner peace, joy and happiness while simultaneously decreasing stress and negative emotions;

  • Learn how to appropriately manage their negative emotions;

  • Learn how to effectively get what they want in life;

  • Learn how to become more self-aware, emotionally resilient and in control of their inner-landscape.

Demystifying our Emotions: Emotional Literacy, Self-Regulation and Self-Awareness 
75 to 90-Minute Workshop for Kids, Teens or Adults 

During this 75 to 90-minute interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Develop their emotional literacy;

  • Learn that all emotions are valid, acceptable and important;

  • Learn the difference between emotions and behaviours;

  • Understand the relationship between emotions, thoughts and body sensations;

  • Understand that emotions are at the heart of their internal guidance system;

  • Understand the scale of emotions and how their emotional states are not just random;

  • Understand the important purpose of negative emotions;

  • Understand the highly addictive and contagious nature of negativity;

  • Develop their self-awareness and body awareness;

  • Learn self-regulation techniques to feel better when emotional storms occur;

  • Understand the root cause of all situations that trigger them;

  • Learn how to resolve and separate inner-problems (negative emotions) from outer-problems (conflicts)

  • Learn how to help friends experiencing intense emotions;

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