Do You Need a Guide on Your Journey?

You Are the Hero on a Journey...


“I am here to remind you that you are a beautiful, divine, spiritual being worthy of love, peace, joy and freedom in this world. Take your power back!”

- Lise


Counseling, Mindfulness Coaching & Guidance

I believe we are all beautiful expressions of divine consciousness, regardless of the human patterns and programming that cause us a great deal of suffering.


Our journey is all about transcending these human limitations. When we find the courage to embark on this quest, what we eventually discover is the true source of our happiness and power.

When we align ourselves with our spiritual essence, we naturally begin to experience and express more love, peace, harmony, joy, beauty, inspiration, and bliss. I speak from experience – having lived through intense periods of anxiety, depression, and struggle. Through all the challenges in my life, the question “who, or what am I?” has been guiding me towards freedom, joy, and peace.

Over the years, my predominant state of stress, survival and struggle has steadily been shifting into a state of
surrender, trust, and love. I am grateful for all the teachers and guides who have appeared on my path at the perfect moment. Their wisdom has allowed me to find my way through the fog.

This transformation from stress and fear to trust and love didn’t just happen overnight. It took willingness, humility, courage, knowledge, and discipline.


To stay aligned with divine consciousness, I practice daily meditation, contemplation, and prayer. I remain very vigilant and aware of the ego’s clever tactics to stay in control. When discomfort shows up in my life, I try to welcome it rather than fight it. I see discomfort as an opportunity to dismantle old egoic patterns.


I have discovered that maintaining this daily practice and discipline allows me to be a vessel for the divine consciousness that flows through all of us.

When we allow it, divine consciousness expresses itself creatively through us for the greatest benefit of others. For me, this takes many forms:

  • Counseling,

  • Deep listening,

  • Mindfulness coaching,

  • Reiki,

  • Teaching,

  • Writing,

  • Storytelling,

  • Songwriting…etc.

How can I be of service?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me

I am here to remind you that you are a beautiful, divine, spiritual being worthy of love, peace, joy, and freedom in this world.

Take your power back!

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