What is Power Bingo?

Power Bingo is similar to regular Bingo, except that instead of just picking random number-letter combinations, participants pick and read out Lise Villeneuve's unique Power Bingo cards. These cards are designed to spark up stimulating conversations about what helps us to feel healthy and happy. Lise is an experienced educator, author and counselor in the fields of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, psychology and health & wellness.


Power Bingo gives you the opportunity to have fun, meet new people and maybe even learn some helpful tips. If you are lucky, you might even win a prize!

Power Bingo for Seniors is held on Tuesday afternoons from 1-2 pm at the Seniors Centre in the Old General Hospital in Edmonton (11111 Jasper Ave). Power Bingo is for ages 55 and up.


For more information, and to buy your tickets, please call

(780) 425-8625.


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