“I hit rock bottom, I was losing all hope. Every day I felt so lost and helpless, my self-confidence and self-esteem were non-existent. I went to countless psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, family doctors, specialists, you name it. They would sit there and hear me but would never listen. Lise does something that all the "Professionals" I had seen for some reason were missing. Lise listens and makes me feel so comfortable, I can tell her anything. I was given the gift of healing process, and from hitting rock bottom that initial consultation got me back up on my feet again. Lise helped me find that guiding inner-light within me again that I felt I would never be able to get back. Her immaculate, very well-put together Programs are intelligently and meticulously organized to work for anybody. Every consultation, every weekly task and goal have slowly regenerated my energy. My mood has improved, I went from hiding in the shadows of my own emotions I bottled away to being brave enough to share my experience. The special part about this program is that I do not feel it’s a burden or it’s something I have to do. I feel it was the best choice and unique gift I could have ever given myself. Lise is that rare person that said something to me I have not even told myself in a while, and that was that she believed in me and that I was made for greatness. Those powerful words that Lise said have allowed me to believe in myself again. I am now on the right track and know I will achieve my life-long dream. I am blessed, grateful, and so privileged to have Lise in my life and am looking forward to my remaining 3 months left in my program!”

–Daniela Sousa, November 2014



“I am working with Lise in the Group Health Coaching program because I wanted further support, guidance and accountability in my personal health goals. The curriculum is great! The concepts are simple and practical and have truly enlightened my perspective on how to live this life. It’s a good guide to keep me moving without being overloaded with information or challenges. We should always be in a state of growth and this course is appropriate for anyone at any stage of their journey.”

–Kimberley, November 2014



“I attended one of Lise’s talks because I was curious to see if she was actually interested in helping people. I found that Lise has the gifted ability to advise, she is well educated, and she has the knowledge of how to immediately heal people. Lise is a very charming lady capable of helping millions. I believe Lise has great potential in alternative healing.”

–Dan Klymiuk, Shaman Healer, August 2014



“I enrolled myself in Lise’s program to improve my overall health and well-being. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have learned a lot! Lise is patient, attentive and a very good listener!! She displays a very friendly and compassionate demeanour and presents her learning material very well. She inspires me to possibly become a Health Coach myself! I highly recommend this course!”

–Lisa Ascough Stor, November 2014



“I met Lise for the first time when she gave me a health consultation. My goal was to lose weight and Lise helped me to see how much a spiritual perspective can accelerate weight loss. She reminded me how important it is to take care of myself, love myself and find harmony in my life. I recommend her services because she really knows how to help people.”

–Sarah, July 2014



“I contacted Lise because I have a strong desire to manifest a new life for myself. Lise has offered me many options to stabilize my current situation. I’m honored to know her. She is ultimately caring, honest, and a great person as a whole.”

–Tina, September 2014



“My main concern is my health in spite of a chronic condition. During my session, Lise gave me tips on healthy snacks, meals and new ingredients. This was a customized, friendly, helpful experience. Lise is very knowledgeable, caring and non-judgemental. I recommend her services.”

–Paulette, March 2014


“Lise has a very calming presence that centers you. Her knowledge was helpful in that it gave me more options, and possibly a key to my path. It's nice to find someone who can clear some of the fog and simplify your journey!"

–Anonymous, December 2014