Recharge in Cuba this July!

Do You Need a Real Vacation?

What if you gave yourself the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your body -with fresh air, the beautiful ocean, delicious meals, relaxing, playful days with plenty of physical activity AND during this time, you also focused on taking a vacation from your busy mind chatter with daily guided mindfulness and meditation practice on the beach?


Lise Villeneuve is an experienced mindfulness / meditation teacher and educator, and Cuba happens to be her very favourite place to recharge and relax. Join her this July 2019 for an unforgettable 1-week mindfulness retreat at an all-inclusive resort in gorgeous Cuba! Make some new friends, have a blast, and practice some life-changing tips and techniques to manage stressful thoughts and emotions as they arise.

A minimum of 10 adults is needed to get a group discount (departure from Edmonton). There will be NO CHARGE for the daily mindfulness / meditation group sessions and guidance offered during this retreat! Each participant is invited to make their individual reservations at the chosen resort. Please sign up to receive all the details and dates. Tell your friends!