Inspiration For Conscious Living 

Quotes From The Masters For Daily Inspiration
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Why Printable Quotes?

Despite our best efforts to live a conscious existence, life gets busy, and before we know it, most of us fall back into our old patterns, our limiting beliefs and our past conditioning.


What if we made a point of exposing ourselves DAILY to the deep wisdom of spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Dr. David Hawkins, Deepak Chopra, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many more? What if this didn't take any time at all away from our busy day?


Here's an idea! Take 5 minutes to print these life-changing quotes, cut them and stick them where you will see them -and where they will instantly wake you up from the trance of daily life. Perhaps in your car, in your bathroom, in your fridge, on your television, next to your computer, in your lunch bag, at the office or next to your bed!


What do you think will happen if you make a point of changing the quotes every few weeks? This will support and your spiritual evolution and deepen your sense of inner-peace without taking any time away from your busy schedule!


We have selected the best and most inspirational quotes for you. Each printable page has 5 powerful quotes, and we will be adding more printable pages over the next few months so that you can keep up this effortless spiritual practice.