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They Ought To Know Better...

"When we see how people are dominated by the ego's programs, we realize that, without awareness or insight, they are relatively unable to help themselves. We say they are "driven" by greed, hate, fear, addiction, or pride. It is a mistake to adopt the hypothetical, moralistic positionality that "they ought to know better". As a matter of fact, that really is not the case. To be unconscious means just that; thus, "sin" can be seen really as a limitation in the evolution of consciousness. This limitation was termed "ignorance" by both the Buddha and Jesus Christ. As evolution expresses itself in gradations, some people will be farther along the road than others. When we see this simple fact, forgiveness and compassion replace anger, fear, hatred, or condemnation. The willingness to forgive others is reflected in our own capacity for self-forgiveness and acceptance."

-Dr. David R, Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. I: Reality and Subjectivity

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