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The Nuclear POWERHOUSE Between Your Two Ears!

I find it truly shocking how much we GROSSLY underestimate the POWER that rests between our two ears! Our entire experience of "my life" originates in the mind. Every single second, we have the choice to either create heaven or hell for ourselves. We walk around with this formidable powerhouse in our heads that can also be extremely destructive. We are all fully loaded, yet we don't really understand how to use our Super tool. Most of us have NO idea how to harness our nuclear creative powers for our benefit and for the benefit of humanity. Instead, we walk around feeling powerless. We blame each other for our misery. We look for a solution to our discomfort "out there" despite our deep knowing that the control switch has always been "in here". By default, this is what our children learn as well.

Every second gives us an opportunity to start over - to push the reset button. Breathe, Release, Refocus. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling: don't deny it, don't push it away. FEEL your discomfort, let it move out of you. Don't hold it in and let it drag you down. Raise your vibration, then reprogram your subconscious mind by focusing on what you WANT, not what you don't want! Do this every day, especially right before falling asleep and see what happens! What do you think?


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