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Experiencing Disillusionment? Reality Too Painful To See?


By now, many of us have painfully realised that even though we may be benevolent, integrous, trustworthy and trusting beings who believe in principles such as democracy, freedom, truth, and transparency, unfortunately, the world in which we live in is filled with self-serving, power-hungry, deceitful, and manipulative individuals, many of whom gravitate towards governments and powerful corporations.

The large-scale deceit and manipulation that continue to be exposed on a regular basis can be experienced as very painful disillusionment for some, and for others, it is something that is simply impossible to see or to accept. Whether we can objectively recognize what’s currently happening around the globe or not has everything to do with our current level of consciousness, and the corresponding psychological defense mechanisms associated with that level. Let me explain.

Underestimating Trauma?

Shifting from a perspective of complete trust to one of sudden distrust and fear can be deeply traumatizing. Recently, the thinking of many Canadians suddenly shifted from “I trust that the government has our best interests at heart and will do everything in its power to defend our democracy, as well as our rights and freedoms” to “Maybe I’m not safe here anymore, maybe the government and the mainstream media are not as trustworthy as I believed?” Such a radical shift in perspective should not be underestimated. Feeling betrayed, losing trust, and being disillusioned are very painful experiences and the inevitable emotions stirred up by such realizations must be dealt with appropriately. For some, trauma triggers an immediate overt emotional response, and for others, complex psychological defense mechanisms are at play.

Defense Mechanisms of Survival

For example, imagine a child who is being raised by abusive parents. Even if the child is old enough to see that what his parents are doing is wrong, he is powerless to walk away because he is totally dependent on those who take care of his basic needs for food, shelter, safety and belonging. In order to survive, his psychological defense mechanisms kick in to protect him and to help him cope. He may go into denial about the abuse, dissociation, suppression, repression, self-blame or other responses to trauma. At this point in time, the truth is just too painful for this child to see and to accept, particularly in a situation of such powerlessness. His defense mechanisms are an intelligent, life-saving tool.

Is Reality Too Painful to See?

Does this sound familiar? Could recent events around the globe be too painful to see and to accept as reality? Perhaps we can ask ourselves if we have truly looked at current events objectively lately, or have we protected ourselves with denial, justifications, wishful thinking and distractions? If we have protected ourselves, that’s OK. It’s because we needed to at this point in time.

Discomfort Serves an Important Purpose

On the other hand, if we have really been paying attention with eyes wide open, then we have probably experienced a healthy level of pain, disbelief, fear, anger, and sadness. Why are these emotions healthy and necessary, even if they feel unpleasant? Because discomfort is our internal navigation system’s way of letting us know that something is out of alignment with our highest good, something is out of balance and needs our attention.

Does Reality Threaten Our Sanity and Survival?

Whether we have the capacity or not to see and face things in the world that trigger our own uncomfortable insecurities has everything to do with our level of awareness. The question is: does our current level of consciousness allow us to see things objectively, or are we being protected by our own defense mechanisms – just like a child who is raised by abusive parents – because reality is too much of a threat to our sanity and our survival?

Are We Strictly Physical Beings?

Our level of consciousness directly influences our perception of the world and ourselves. If we see ourselves as strictly physical beings who expire after this lifetime, then chances are that we will feel somewhat powerless in the face of the enormous dysfunction on this planet. What can we do from the perspective of a “little separate, vulnerable, me” to counteract the negativity, selfishness, and greed of the world? Options are certainly limited, and this might create feelings of overwhelm, apathy, hopelessness, and despair. Denial sounds like an intelligent option, and in these circumstances, it absolutely is.

Are We Spiritual Beings?

On the other hand, if we see ourselves as eternal, interconnected spiritual beings guided by Divine intelligence, we will feel much more empowered during these challenging times. In the face of what may appear to be a global crisis of integrity and transparency – even a spiritual crisis – we know that we are not alone; we know that we have the power to manifest things on the physical plane from the inside out; we know how to trust the Divine intelligence; we know how to surrender our personal fears; we know how to be mindful of what we focus on, and we know how to nurture ourselves to keep our vibration high.

We understand the unshakeable power of Love, the miraculous power of prayer and the reliable nature of consciousness that is always evolving towards greater and greater awareness of the ultimate truth of oneness.

The Gift of Discernment

Many of us who have chosen the spiritual path have developed an ability to tell truth from falsehood. When we are out of alignment, we can feel it. This discernment increases our capacity to see things as they really are, even when reality makes us feel extremely uncomfortable and threatens the prideful, fragile ego. As difficult as it is at times, we have learned how to honour and release our difficult emotions, as opposed to denying, suppressing, or projecting them onto others.

Is the Shadow Side of Humanity Too Painful to See?

We must remember to be understanding and compassionate with our brothers and sisters who don’t see things the way we do. Remember that a child raised by abusive parents doesn’t have the option to rebel against those who take care of his basic needs. It’s just too painful for most to see the shadow side of humanity.

Wide Awake Among Sleepers?

It can be really frustrating to be wide awake among sleepers, but it’s reassuring to know that the best way to instigate change in this world and to accelerate the collective awakening is by accelerating our own personal evolution. When we raise our own level of consciousness, this greatly counteracts the negativity of the world.

The Great Awakening?

Dear friends, keep doing your personal work with Love and presence, and do not despair, as the troubling events of the world are the catalysts needed for the greatest possible awakening of mankind. It’s happening. Keep shining your light, your Love, and if you put your complete trust in God, you will know what to do and how to take care of yourself every step of the way.

Sending you Love and blessings,

Lise Villeneuve

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