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Do We Have Any Control? Humbling Wisdom From Byron Katie.

"Everything comes and goes in its own time. You have no control. You never had any control, and you never will. You only tell the story of what you think is happening. Do you think you cause movement? You don't.

It just happens, but you tell the story of how you had something to do with it: "I moved my legs. I decided to walk." I don't think so. If you inquire, you'll see that that's just a story. You know that you're going to move because everything is happening simultaneously. You tell the story before the movement, because you already are that. It moves, and you think that you did it. Then you tell the story of how you're going somewhere or how you're doing something. The only thing you can play with is the story. That's the only game in town."

-Byron Katie, A Mind At Home With Itself

What do you think? Or is "you thinking" just part of the story? :)


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