I'm Looking for an Illustrator

Are You a Talented Illustrator?

Hello and welcome to my website! I am currently looking for an illustrator who will be able to bring to life the main character and narrator of my new book! It's a book that teaches kids about mindfulness and emotional literacy through short stories. This main character is... a two-year old mischievous and very smart baby!

I'm looking for someone skilled at drawing babies/toddlers who has experience developing cartoonish and very expressive characters (digital illustration / vector). I'm not going for a realistic look, but more of a caricature. This two-year old must look as cute as possible, appeal to kids and adults, and also have that sassy, naughty, bright, cheeky look.

I have included a few examples of illustrations that each have a little bit of what I'm looking for, but they don't quite capture it fully.

What I have in mind:

  • Two-year old in a diaper, maybe also with a bow-tie

  • No hair, or very little

  • Tan colored skin

  • Very big expressive blue eyes

  • Very large head

  • Overall body shape could resemble a baby Buddha

  • Must be very expressive, eyes must have something special

  • This baby is a genius, so his intelligence has to shine through his eyes

  • Nobody suspects his superior intelligence (this is only revealed to the readers of "his" book)

  • He has to "play dumb" a lot to pretend he's just a normal baby

  • He's sarcastic and naughty

The first pose I'm looking for (full color):

  1. Baby sitting in his diaper, cross legged, with his index finger over his lips (like he's asking his readers not to tell his secret). He should have a sneaky, playful, naughty look and a twinkle in his eyes. It's best if his head is turned on a slight angle. He is saying to the readers: "don't give our secret away, we know something most people don't." He should be slightly smiling.

Here's where I'm at:

In about three weeks time (April 2021), I will hear back from the Publisher who is currently reviewing my work. They will let me know if they want to publish my book or not. I am very excited because I highly respect this Publisher and their children's book editor reached out to me recently. So, fingers crossed, but if a publishing deal with them doesn't work out, I am still moving forward with this book and I have finished writing it. I will either approach another Publisher or self-publish.

Some Publishers can be picky about who does the illustrations in their books, and often they prefer to hire their own. However, if I succeed in finding a great illustrator who can create the perfect baby for my book, I will strongly recommend that the Publisher uses the character I am developing. If they say no, at least I will be able to provide them with a specific example of what I want, and I will be using the baby character on my website and elsewhere. I'm looking for a talented collaborator who wants to join me on this exciting adventure!

If you are interested:

  1. Please get in touch with me via the contact form on my website; 

  2. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience as an illustrator. 

  3. Send me a rough sketch of what you have in mind for this baby pose, read the description above carefully. This is very important, as I'm looking for a specific style. Don't spend too much time on your sketch. If it matches what I'm after, I will let you know. I will be able to tell if it has potential.

  4. Send me your quote (to complete the vector digitally in color) and your timeline. For me sooner is better. If I love what you did, I may ask you to create more poses.

Thank you so much! I look forward to getting back to you!

Lise Villeneuve