Conscious Living Guidance Cards

Download your beautiful deck of 56 unique and inspiring printable conscious living guidance cards today!

Why Conscious Living Guidance Cards?

Since the Conscious Kids mindfulness cards we produced were such a huge success, we decided to create a similar deck of inspiring cards for all ages! The 56 cards in your deck are great daily reminders of what's essential for your greatest well-being, empowerment and inner-peace. Reminding ourselves of this wisdom that is so quickly overlooked and forgotten  in our busy world brings us back to our bodies, to our calm and grounded center, to our joy and to our true power in the present moment.

This printable colorful deck of 56 inspirational cards is designed to help you apply and remember the most essential concepts presented in our various mindfulness and emotional literacy programs. Simply pick one or more cards to receive guidance or inspiration on a daily basis!

Instantly download and print your guidance cards today! They are easy to cut. You can easily laminate them and they will last for a very long time. They also make a wonderful gift.