Deepen your understanding of the direct relationship between your thoughts, your emotions and the physical sensations you feel in your body with this free activity. 

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What are emotions? Where do they come from? What about our thoughts, can we control them? Is there a connection between what we think and how we feel? What about the physical sensations we experience in our bodies all day long? Are they important? Are they trying to tell us something?


While this little activity won't answer all these questions, it WILL help you deepen your understanding of the direct relationship between your thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Simply match the correct thoughts / emotions / body sensations in the right spaces. Please note that there are multiple possibilities for the body sensations, but only one correct thought/emotion combination.

For more detailed and kid-friendly information about thoughts, emotions and body sensations, check out the Conscious Kids Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Program / Enfants Lucides. Lessons B & C specifically cover this topic.


Lise Villeneuve