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Consciously Creating the Life You Truly Want!

How does the program work?


Lise is passionate about helping individuals reach their goals and transform their lives from the inside out! She has witnessed how the phenomenal power of awareness naturally results in better health, balance, joy, love and peace in people's lives.


The 12-session program Lise designed really works! It's been tried and tested with her clients, and now we're making it available online for FREE! ($650 value) Why? Because we ALL benefit from living in a happier, more conscious world! Feel free to make a donation at any point in the program, and tell your friends!


Lise will help you consciously create the life you truly want via her 12 audio sessions. Listen to these sessions at your own pace (we recommend one session every week or second week). Each session lasts 10-12 minutes. Recommended exercises are provided for you during each session.

Meet Lise Villeneuve -the Conscious Coach!

If a simple graph could show you the areas of your life where you feel the least satisfied right now, what do you think those areas would be? Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Your career? Be honest with yourself.


Most of us are so busy that we rarely take the time to assess what's working in our life and what's holding us back. We continue doing what we've always been doing, day after day, hoping that our challenges will just go away. Feeling frustrated and clearly knowing what we DON'T want will never give us what we want. Without a clear destination, chances are we'll stay exactly where we are.


To receive what you want, you have to be crystal-clear on what that is. What does that look like for you? What does that feel like? Why do you want this? It's from this place of heightened awareness that miracles happen.

Simply having the clarity to know what to focus on has the power to change your life. Setting clear intentions allows you to shift from feeling confused, frustrated and resigned to feeling driven, excited and empowered! So if you could clearly SEE what your biggest challenges were, what would you do? Would you ignore them, or would you have the courage to want to reach your full potential?


Many of us remain stuck, believing that it's going to take too much effort and too much discipline. Sometimes we don't even try, because our inertia is too strong. We don't know where to begin, and we don't believe our efforts will grant us the results we want. But we're wrong to think this way! Never underestimate the power of clear intentions!

What would happen if you focused on what you wanted instead of wasting your precious energy on what you didn't want? Are you willing to find out? 

Content of the 12 Audio Sessions:

1) Take an objective look at your life now. Understand the power of your thoughts

2) What would you rather have? Set some goals. Understand the power of intention

3) Learn how to raise your awareness. Clarify your goals.

4) Learn about self-love. Who are you really?

5) Understand the language of emotions

6) Turn negative states into positive affirmations

7) Understand relationships and the mirror principle

8) Identify your core limiting beliefs

9) Use consistent positive focus to reach your goals

10) Gravitate towards inner-peace, joy and self-acceptance

11) Manifest more abundance (and money!)

12) Recognise the positive changes in your life and celebrate you!

Listen to Session 6:
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