Conscious Kids Program

Empower Your Kids for Life with Mindfulness!

What Makes the Conscious Kids Program Stand Out?

There are plenty of mindfulness courses offered these days. The Conscious Kids Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Program is unique because it was written specifically for kids between the ages of five and thirteen, in a language they can easily understand, enjoy and effortlessly master. Conscious Kids has been taught in homes and classrooms around the world since 2015 and it really works! Parents, teachers and kids love it and many lives have improved because of it!

"I have been searching a long time for a program that would take what I was learning myself - how to be a more conscious adult - and explain it in a kid-friendly way. Conscious Kids is that program! I was so excited when I found it! My eight year old son loved it! The follow up stories and activities really drove the concepts home in a meaningful way and allowed my son to experience hands-on learning. As a mother and an early childhood educator, I would highly recommend the Conscious Kids program to anyone with children. It makes the concepts of mindfulness, being in the present moment and learning about feelings and emotions fun and easy to understand."


-Kari Peterson, BEd (British Columbia)

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What's It Like?

The Conscious Kids Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Program is taught through creative, fun short stories that kids love and easily relate to, as well as hands-on activities that really solidify the concepts taught in the stories. This one of a kind program covers the essential foundations of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation and it gives kids and their caregivers plenty of opportunities to apply and practice their new life-changing skills on a step-by-step basis. 

Directly Download the Stories / Activities or Take the Class in Edmonton

You can either purchase individual lessons (26 are available for instant download) or purchase one level at a time (the course is divided into 5 levels). These are all available in either English or French. If you live around the Edmonton area, you can take the 10-week course for families in person. Training to become a Certified Conscious Kids teacher is now available in Edmonton!

"Conscious Kids has made a lasting impression on our family- it is a unique & refreshing curriculum that is fun, thought provoking and useful. This course has given my 6 year old a new vocabulary of words that support his emotional and mental health. This curriculum is a perfect fit for both home-school and public school. We were excited to do the activities every week and read the stories and submitted as part of our Social Studies component. Our advisor was very impressed with content and presentation of all. Thank you so much for creating this!"​

-Nicolle Nattras (Vancouver Island, BC)/

Is Conscious Kids Religious?

No. Conscious Kids was inspired by the wisdom of many spiritual masters, from Buddha, to Jesus, to Ramana Maharshi, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and more. It is spiritual, not religious, and focuses primarily on emotional intelligence and developing life skills.


Conscious Kids addresses essential questions such as What is the relationship between my thoughts and my emotions? How do I manage overwhelming negative emotions? What is true happiness? What causes suffering? and much more. It teaches practical skills and gives children tools to help them feel content, peaceful, joyful and happy. 


About the Creator of Conscious Kids...

Lise Villeneuve is an experienced educator, author and counselor in the fields of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, psychology, health & wellness and spirituality. Lise is a certified Health and Wellness coach with a degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta. An award-winning singer, songwriter and published author, Lise created Conscious Kids in 2015 by using her artistic creativity to effectively communicate and share the wisdom and knowledge she acquired over the past 25 years. Lise regularly teaches at the Himalayan Meditation Centre, and she also works with seniors at the Edmonton General Hospital. Her passion is to make learning as fun and effortless as possible.  

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"As a teacher I found this course to be useful not only for students but also for myself as an adult. I was able to use previous lessons with the students I have been working with when they feel overwhelmed, or when they need help navigating their emotions and feelings. Helping children become more mindful will help them throughout their life!"


-Robyn, Teacher, Winter 2019 class in Edmonton

"I am so impressed with the quality of Lise’s original stories, and the thought and care that went into every detail of this class. My kids and I are using what we learned daily, and having the tools and words we need to practice mindfulness is a gift that will help us all immensely as our family evolves. The value we received from the class and the class materials were worth every penny. I highly recommend this class to all families with young kids!”


-Madelen, Fall 2019 class in Edmonton

"You have created a beautiful opportunity for families like ours to enjoy and practice consciousness in our lives - every day. For that I must express our deepest appreciation. We cannot wait to get started!" (Conscious Kids Online)


-Elizabeth, devoted mom from Aurora, Ontario

What people are saying about Conscious Kids Around the World...

"I'm helping to spread the word about Conscious Kids. Spiritual awareness starts at a young age, and I love to see families working to raise their consciousness -together!"


-James Van Praagh (USA)/

"What you are doing is absolutely wonderful! It's in alignment with my vision for emotional and conscious intelligence for children and young adults."

-Isira, Spiritual teacher and author (Australia)/ 


"Imagine navigating your way in a foreign land without a map or anyone else to guide you or point you in the right direction. Well, it can be a very hard and difficult experience. Navigating through life can be equally if not more perilous, and this is why giving your child a roadmap helps. Lise Villeneuve has designed one such map in the form of this course that you may consider gifting your child." 


-Suzy Singh (New Delhi, India)/

"There is a great need for Conscious Kids in Greece. It will greatly enrich our lives. An enormous Thank You!"

-Sonja Norman, Athens, Greece