Treat Your Kids / Students to a Fun and Unique Mindfulness Musical Adventure!

Do you have kids or students aged 5-13? If so, you won't want to miss this fun and interactive mindfulness musical adventure! This unique and playful presentation is designed to give kids and their parents / educators a crash course on mindfulness and emotional intelligence in a effortless and entertaining way. Delivered through music and storytelling, the focus of this presentation is on teaching kids how to become more aware of their thoughts - particularly the stressful ones. It teaches them how to be more self-aware of negative self-talk and explains the direct relationship between thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in a simple way. Mindfulness has been proven to lower stress, boost self-confidence and improve overall well-being. Empower your kids / students for life with these essential life-skills by attending this Mindfulness Musical Adventure at the Himalayan Meditation Centre in Edmonton (10716 - 142 St).

  • Contact us to book a performance for a group

  • The presentation is for kids aged 5-13 and their parents / guardians / teachers (minimum age is 5 years).

  • Presentation is about 45 minutes


About the performance...

Young Anna is woken up in the middle of the night by the terrifying sounds of thunder. How will she deal with her extreme fear? How will she manage her anxious thoughts about going to a new school the very next morning? With the help of two very unique and quirky characters, Anna will learn how to practice deep belly breathing; she will discover how important her thoughts are and she will understand the connection between what she's telling herself and how she's feeling. Join Anna and friends in this interactive musical adventure that teaches kids aged 5-13 about essential and life-changing mindfulness skills.​

Meet the Team...


Lise Villeneuve is an award-winning singer/songwriter with a degree in Psychology. She is the author of Conscious Kids, a comprehensive online mindfulness program written in 2015 that is currently being taught in homes and schools around the globe. An experienced educator in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, Lise regularly works with kids and their families at the Himalayan Meditation Centre, and she also teaches mindfulness to seniors and the staff at the General Hospital in Edmonton. Her passion is to make learning as fun and effortless as possible. Despite appearances, she loves cats and is not actually strangling that one in the picture...

Yvon Loiselle is a primary music specialist who has been teaching children for over 20 years. He is an award-winning singer/songwriter with extensive performance experience. Yvon's passion for teaching is contagious and it is the secret behind his success with young audiences. A brilliant artist, Yvon shares his wonder, curiosity and presence through his joyful spontaneity. He is not as scary as he looks.

Emma Carver is a 14-year old who simply loves to sing! She has been performing as a singer and actress in her spare time over the past four years. She is always eager to participate in creative and musical projects such as this one. The fact that her mom is Lise Villeneuve had nothing to do with her getting this role...

Comments from our audience:


"It was refreshing to have a mindfulness experience that was silly and funny as well as intentional. My child loved the songs and the characters resonated with her. We still talk about Monkey Mind when she wants to feel more grounded."


"We were leaving the parking lot and the boys asked when they could go again. I asked them what their favourite part was and they said the story. It was a positive experience for them! They really enjoyed it. We talked about Monkey Mind quite a bit that afternoon. Thank you for providing this for children, your are making a positive contribution to their well being. You all did a wonderful job!!!!