Can You See Yourself Teaching Mindfulness to Kids?

Take the Conscious Kids Instructor Certification Training (from the comfort of your own home) and Start Teaching with Confidence After 10 Weeks!

The demand for good mindfulness teachers is high...

The emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and physical benefits of mindfulness have been proven and it's no surprise that mindfulness is increasingly popular in homes and classrooms around the globe. Good mindfulness teachers are in high demand! There are plenty of mindfulness courses offered these days, but which one is right for you? If you are looking for a mindfulness program that is specifically written for kids between the ages of 5-13, then the Conscious Kids Instructor Certification training could be the perfect choice for you! 

"I have been searching a long time for a program that would take what I was learning myself - how to be a more conscious adult - and explain it in a kid-friendly way. Conscious Kids is that program! I was so excited when I found it! My eight year old son loved it! The follow up stories and activities really drove the concepts home in a meaningful way and allowed my son to experience hands-on learning. As a mother and an early childhood educator, I would highly recommend the Conscious Kids program to anyone with children. It makes the concepts of mindfulness, being in the present moment and learning about feelings and emotions fun and easy to understand."


-Kari Peterson, BEd (British Columbia)

What Makes the Conscious Kids Program Stand Out?

What's unique about Conscious Kids is that all the concepts are taught through fun, creative short stories and practical, engaging, hands-on activities. Conscious Kids has been taught in homes and classrooms around the world since 2015 and it really works! Parents, teachers and kids love it and many lives have improved because of it!

Why this is the Certification you want...

The Conscious Kids Mindfulness Certification Program not only gives you a deep understanding of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, meditation and spiritual awareness, but it also provides you with all the tools and resources you will need to effectively communicate and reach out to children and their caregivers. We all know that children learn effortlessly when they are having fun, and this is what makes Conscious Kids such a great choice for teaching mindfulness to young audiences: kids really love it! 

You get much more than just mindfulness training...

During your training, you will be granted a license to use the copyrighted Conscious Kids materials to teach your own classes (stories and activities), and you will also receive detailed, tested lesson plans that will give you the confidence to start teaching your own 10-week program. Each week, you will be encouraged to create your own resource materials to support the lessons you will be teaching in your own personalized way. 

"Conscious Kids has made a lasting impression on our family- it is a unique & refreshing curriculum that is fun, thought provoking and useful. This course has given my 6 year old a new vocabulary of words that support his emotional and mental health. This curriculum is a perfect fit for both home-school and public school. We were excited to do the activities every week and read the stories and submitted as part of our Social Studies component. Our advisor was very impressed with content and presentation of all. Thank you so much for creating this!"​

-Nicolle Nattras (Vancouver Island, BC)/

Ten hours of training (either in a group or private)

Your training consists of 10 hours with the creator of Conscious Kids, Lise Villeneuve (via video-chat) where you will deepen your understanding of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, meditation and spiritual awareness. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and you will familiarize yourself with the teaching materials. 

2 1/2 hours of hands-on coaching experience

Not only do you get 10 hours of training with Lise, but you also get an additional 2.5 hours of hands-on experience (for a total of 12.5 hours of training) by working with a family (via video-call) who is doing the 10-week Conscious Kids Program at home. You will be trained to support a family in their learning by checking in with them for 15 minutes each week (for 10 weeks).


About the Creator of Conscious Kids...

Lise Villeneuve is an experienced educator, author and counselor in the fields of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, psychology, health & wellness and spirituality. Lise is a certified Health and Wellness coach with a degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta. An award-winning singer, songwriter and published author, Lise created Conscious Kids in 2015 by using her artistic creativity to effectively communicate and share the wisdom and knowledge she acquired over the past 25 years. Lise regularly teaches at the Himalayan Meditation Centre, and she also works with seniors at the Edmonton General Hospital. Her passion is to make learning as fun and effortless as possible. 


Listen to Lise's French interview on Radio-Canada (March 2020) that was broadcast all over Alberta. She was asked to share some tools for emotional resilience during the covid-19 crisis and lead a short guided meditation live on the radio. 

"As a teacher, I loved this program because it's a complete package. The lessons are easy to follow, the stories are interesting and the concepts are explained clearly and in detail. "


-Anna, Teacher, Spring 2020 Certification Training


Overview of the 10-week program:

  • Week 1: Stopping with the bell and deep belly breathing

  • Week 2: The relationship between thoughts and emotions

  • Week 3: How the body responds to positive or negative thinking

  • Week 4: Dealing with strong emotions

  • Week 5: Decoding the language of emotions

  • Week 6: Three powerful choices we always have in the now

  • Week 7: What is real happiness?

  • Week 8: What can we do when others are unkind?

  • Week 9: Noticing our seeds of unhappiness

  • Week 10: The greatest gifts in the world (compassion, deep listening, kindness, forgiveness and presence

"As a teacher I found this course to be useful not only for students but also for myself as an adult. I was able to use previous lessons with the students I have been working with when they feel overwhelmed, or when they need help navigating their emotions and feelings. Helping children become more mindful will help them throughout their life!"


-Robyn, Teacher, Winter 2019 class in Edmonton

What you get from your 10-week, 12.5 hour Instructor Certification Training :

  • Ten hours of mindfulness and emotional literacy training with the creator of Conscious Kids, Lise Villeneuve

  • 2 1/2 hours of direct online coaching experience with a family doing the 10-week program at home

  • License to use the tried and tested Conscious Kids course materials to teach your own classes (2 year license for individuals)

  • Ten detailed lesson plans to include with your own personalized class materials (shared via google docs)

  • You will be trained to teach this program in person (CK Program for Instructors), as well as online (CK @Home Program)

  • To deepen your knowledge, you will be asked to take a review quiz at the end of your training. The passing mark is 75% or higher.

  • Once Certified, there could be an opportunity for you to start working with families online as part of the Conscious Living Solutions team of Certified Instructors (this is not guaranteed for everyone!)

At the end of your successful training, you will have the knowledge, confidence, experience and resources to start teaching on your own immediately.

How much does the Certification Training Program cost and when does it start?

There are two options: private / individual training, or group training.

Private training:  

  • Work privately with Lise for 10 hours, giving you a chance to ask more personal questions

  • Dive deeper into your own journey of healing and transformation through this course

  • Customized program that can address your particular needs, challenges and gifts

  • Flexible training schedule built around your personal time preferences

  • Cost is $785 + applicable taxes, payable online before your training is scheduled to start.

  • Disponible en français! Just ask me about that option when you sign up.

Group training: Next Group Training Starts January 2021 (a minimum of 4 participants is required)

  • Work with a small group for 10 hours

  • Interact with others who share similar interests

  • Make new friends, receive support from your peers

  • Cost is reduced: $497 + applicable taxes, payable online before your training is scheduled to start.

  • Schedule. Zoom meetings with Lise are on Saturdays from 1-2 pm MST starting in January 2021

  • Schedule with online families to be determined.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Ask Lise!

Conscious Kids Certified Instructors (More to come soon!)

"I recommend this Instructor Certification Training because it’s put together really well. The stories are so powerful, the lessons are outlined very precisely with intention, and you have flexibility on delivery to make it your own. There's so much self-work that happens too;  it's unreal!"

-Vanessa Warnes, Winter 2020 Certification Program


About Vanessa:

Most of my work has been with children in a school setting for about 20 years. I am always open to ideas and opportunities to learn more.  Mindfulness techniques really do work when you start to make connections between thoughts and emotions. As well as being excited to teach mindfulness to children, I also do session work and workshops with color/ sound therapy as well as reiki for all ages. To contact me:


"If you are looking to expand your consciousness (as well as the consciousness of your family) and move towards a more connected and joyous life, this is an invaluable course to teach you skills and resources. Your life journey will thank you!"

-Erin Lafleur, Winter 2020 Certification Program

"Just have to say wow Lise Villeneuve, this course that you have opened up and shared with us is so powerful. Life-changing really! The stories are so bang on and insightful, even for my 4 year-old daughter. The step-by-step lesson plans are so enriched with such deep teachings, but in such a soft and gentle way for all ages. Again thank you! And I just wanted to say that you are rocking it as a mindfulness teacher, and you are touching the lives of many. With gratitude."

-Denise Juaire-Papineau, Winter 2020 Certification Program

About Denise:

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to support families for over 14 years, no matter where they may have been on their journey. As a mom, trained Prodoula, Access Consciousness Bars & Positive Parenting Practitioner, as well as a family facilitator in the social services field, I am very passionate about empowering families to find the best tools to bring more ease, joy and natural flow to their lives.


"I highly recommend this program both to those who want to enjoy it with their families, as well as those looking to become instructors - our world needs more of this! Each lesson shares an empowering message alongside fun activities and a story that kids can truly grasp and have shown to love - my son is another great example of this. Not only is the content 100%, so is Lise! She is a knowledgeable, accessible and supportive teacher that I am grateful to work with. This program truly surpassed my expectations & I trust that you will not be disappointed!"

-Jenna Hachey, Winter 2020 Certification Program


"I am an educator by profession and also a well-being and mental health advocate for young children. Most of my work for the past 17 years includes teaching preschool and elementary-aged children. Currently,  aside from teaching online, I help manage Creative Corner and Learning Center Inc., a school based in the Philippines that I co-founded in 2012. I am excited to include Mindfulness in the school’s curriculum and in our teacher training. I am blessed to have found this program that had a tremendous impact on me and I'm certain that it will greatly benefit our school community especially during this “new” normal, where everyone needs to learn more essential skills in life."

-Anna Velecina, Spring 2020 Certification Program