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Enfants lucides: cartes d'éveil

56 cartes imprimables gratuites

Pourquoi des cartes d'éveil?


Apprendre la pleine conscience (mindfulness) nous arme d'outils précieux qui nous aident à naviguer ce monde avec plus d'assurance et d'autonomie -particulièrement lorsque nous faisons face à des défis. Mais soyons réalistes: il ne suffit pas de simplement lire au sujet de la pleine conscience pour en maîtriser ses principes. Il faut mettre en pratique nos apprentissages d'une façon quotidienne. 

Ce jeu de 56 cartes colorées (toutes en français) a été conçu spécialement pour nous aider à mettre en pratique les concepts essentiels abordés à travers le cours Enfants lucides. Les cartes servent comme un aide-mémoire qui peut être utile autant pour les enfants que les adultes. Vous pouvez piger une carte pour recevoir de la guidance ou de l'inspiration, et les plus jeunes peuvent même jouer une partie de "mémoire" en regroupant les paires de cartes qui portent les mêmes images.


Téléchargez et imprimez vos cartes dès maintenant! Vous pouvez facilement les plastifier pour les rendre plus solides et durables. Elles font également un joli cadeau très pratique!

Commentaires à propos d'Enfants lucides...

"I'm helping to spread the word about Conscious Kids. Spiritual awareness starts at a young age, and I love to see families working to raise their consciousness -together!"


-James Van Praagh (USA)/

"What you are doing is absolutely wonderful! It's in alignment with my vision for emotional and conscious intelligence for children and young adults."

-Isira, Spiritual teacher and author (Australia)/


"Conscious Kids has made a lasting impression on our family- it is a unique & refreshing curriculum that is fun, thought provoking and useful. This course has given my 6 year old (now 7 years old) a new vocabulary of words that support his emotional and mental health. This curriculum is a perfect fit for both home-school and public school. We were excited to do the activities every week and read the stories and submitted as part of our Social Studies component. Our advisor was very impressed with content and presentation of all. Thank you so much for creating this!"​

-Nicolle Nattras (Vancouver Island, BC)/ 


"Imagine navigating your way in a foreign land without a map or anyone else to guide you or point you in the right direction. Well, it can be a very hard and difficult experience. Navigating through life can be equally if not more perilous, and this is why giving your child a roadmap helps. Lise Villeneuve has designed one such map in the form of this course that you may consider gifting your child." 


-Suzy Singh (New Delhi, India)/


"I have been searching a long time for a program that would take what I was learning myself - how to be a more conscious adult - and explain it in a kid friendly way. Conscious Kids is that program! I was so excited when I found it! My eight year old son loved the videos of the cat telling stories with the authors' two children, it made the concepts easy to understand and fun. The follow up stories and activities really drove the concepts home in a meaningful way and allowed my son to experience hands on learning. He also loved the treasure hunt aspect of the program and it kept the questions and answers fresh in his mind that the lessons taught. As a mother and an early childhood educator, I would highly recommend the Conscious Kids program to anyone with children. It makes the concepts of mindfulness, being in the present moment and learning about feelings and emotions fun and easy to understand."


-Kari Peterson, BEd (British Columbia)

"There is a great need for Conscious Kids in Greece. It will greatly enrich our lives. An enormous Thank You!"

-Sonja Norman, Athens, Greece