Conscious Kids Lessons

Levels 1 to 5

Level 1:

Lessons A to E

  • Stopping with the bell & deep belly breathing (lesson A)

  • Thoughts create emotions (lesson B)

  • The body responds to negative or positive thinking (lesson C)

  • Dealing with strong emotions (lesson D)

  • Understanding the language of emotions (lesson E)


Level 2:

Lessons F to K

  • The power of thoughts (lesson F)

  • How energy works (lesson G)

  • Turning a negative situation into a positive one (lesson H)

  • Being the watcher, or the awareness (lesson I)

  • All about the ego (lesson J)

  • How the ego tricks us (lesson K)


Level 3:

Lessons L to P

  • The hurt feelings we keep inside (lesson L)

  •  Three choices in the now (lesson M)

  •  Living in the present moment (lesson N)

  • Pleasure, contentment and happiness (lesson O)

  • True happiness (lesson P)


Level 4:

Lessons Q to U

  • The purpose behind unhappiness (lesson Q)

  • Noticing our seeds of unhappiness (lesson R)

  • Feeling the joy of being now (lesson S)

  • The key to optimal health (lesson T)

  • Releasing our hurt feelings and fears (lesson U)


Level 5:

Lessons V to Z

  • Understanding true Love (lesson V)

  • The greatest gifts in the world(lesson W)

  • Five powerful spiritual tools (lesson X)

  • Making the world a better place (lesson Y)

  • Breaking free (lesson Z)