Conscious Kids Lessons

From A to Z

Lesson N

Living in the present moment

  • Overview: Practical tips for truly being in the now

  • Story: Amelia Discovers Maya’s Secret (part 2 of 2)

  • Activity: Being in the now meditation


Lesson O

Pleasure, contentment and happiness

  • Overview: The differences between pleasure, contentment and real happiness

  • Story: Zack, Jack and the Imagination Box

  • Activity: What makes you happy?


Lesson P

True happiness

  • Overview: Understanding what can give us lasting happiness and fulfillment

  • Story: Ray’s Search for Happiness

  • Activity: A closer look at the things that make me happy


Lesson Q

The purpose behind unhappiness

  • Overview: How unhappiness can help us find true happiness

  • Story: Lucy and the Bully

  • Activity: Seeds of happiness and unhappiness


Lesson R

Noticing our seeds of unhappiness

  • Overview: A practical way to discover the hidden seeds of unhappiness that hold us back

  • Story: The Pearl in the Mirror

  • Activity: Look in the magic mirror


Lesson S

Feeling the joy of being Now

  • Overview: How to feel happy and peaceful right now

  • Story: Daniel and the Secret Pond

  • Activity: Purple light visualization


Lesson T

The key to optimal health

  • Overview: Understanding the life-force that flows through us

  • Story: Paul’s Battle with Strep Throat

  • Activity: Allowing or blocking the life-force?


Lesson U

Releasing our hurt feelings and fears

  • Overview: How our worst enemies can become our greatest teachers

  • Story: Penny & Jenny are not invited

  • Activity: Releasing the hurt we carry inside


Lesson V

Understanding true Love

  • Overview: True Love from a spiritual perspective

  • Story: A Lesson in True Love

  • Activity: Understanding true love


Lesson W

The greatest gifts in the world

  • Overview: Offering compassion, deep listening, kindness, forgiveness and true presence

  • Story: The Perfect Gift for Ajna

  • Activity: Giving the greatest gifts in the world


Lesson X

Five powerful spiritual tools

  • Overview: Understanding the power of gratitude, detachment, will, focus and stillness

  • Story: The First Mindful Superheroes

  • Activity: The five powers of mindful superheroes


Lesson Y

Making the world a better place

  • Overview: Understanding how we can make the biggest difference in the world

  • Story: Enlightened Eddie

  • Activity: Making the world a better place


Lesson Z

Breaking free

  • Overview: Why it’s important to keep practicing mindfulness daily

  • Story: Nicole & Grandma’s Beach Adventure

  • Activity: Find the secret message & Mindful Superhero Review Quiz