13 Chansons Pour Entendre Son Coeur

ISBN 978-2-9810146-0-3

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Listen to "Le vieux port"

Listen to "Et si on oubliait tout ça?"

Listen to "Se relever"

Lise's BOOK and CD


13 chansons pour entendre son coeur is a French music CD of Lise Villeneuve’s original compositions AND a non-fiction self-help / psychology book (French only). Both the songs and the book share a common message : follow your dreams, follow your heart and you will succeed. Strong from her life experiences and lessons as an artist, Lise reveals how she overcame obstacles to make her biggest dream come true.


She shares 13 spiritual concepts that dramatically changed her life. This intimate book + CD asks the reader some key questions, offers challenging exercises, and is presented in a fun, dynamic way. Song lyrics included in book. CD includes duet with the great DANIEL LAVOIE.

Videoclips of "Maintenant" and "L'Hirondelle"