Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy

Program for Adults

After taking and enjoying the Conscious Kids Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Program with their kids, many parents asked Lise if she offered a similar program for adults. She didn't until now! This new program designed for adults starts in April 2020 and you can now sign up!

This 8-week course offers a harmonious blend of mindfulness, meditation and emotional literacy that will help you to feel calmer, more content and at peace with yourself and others. Each class...

-Teaches a new empowering concept about emotional literacy, psychology and life skills (knowledge);

-Engages participants through stories / readings they can relate to (inspiration and personal reflection);

-Develops self-awareness through meditation practice (relaxation, stress reduction, deep breathing);

-Creates space for participants to receive personal insights and inner-wisdom (clarity);

-Gently orients and focuses the mind with a regular practice of gratitude and clear, conscious, intention-setting (empowerment and contentment).


Each class lasts one hour and unfolds in a supportive, intimate group setting that encourages guided discussions, open-hearted conversations, as well as the blossoming of authentic and compassionate new friendships.

  • 8-week Spring program held at the Himalayan Meditation Centre in Edmonton (10716 - 142 St) on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30;

  • Dates:  April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11;

  • Total price is $166.75 + tax per person = $175;

  • 65% of the total fees are due as soon as you register to reserve your spot ($113.75). The other 35% is due at the latest on March 15th. ($61.25)

  • We encourage you to participate in our referral rewards program! If someone you know signs up for either the 10-week Spring Conscious Kids Program for families or this 8-week Spring Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy Program for Adults (providing they have fully paid by March 15, 2020 and they put your name in as a referral when they signed up), you will instantly get a 35% discount off your registration fee (that's a $61.25 saving!) You'll have the option to participate in the referral rewards program when you sign up!

  • Please bring a notebook and pen to class, as you will be encouraged to write down any personal insights you receive from your own inner guidance. You will also be invited to colour mandalas at certain times during the class (these are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.)

"We brought Lise in to facilitate an on-site workshop on emotional literacy for my staff. We are a not-for-profit before and after school care program, and we do have some children in our care who have anxiety and who could use more coaching on emotional regulation. Lise was able to provide us with great insight, and offered us some techniques to use in helping children to calm down, and to help them identify what they are feeling. Her workshop was very interactive, which was great. She was wonderful to work with, as she asked me what I was hoping to get out of a workshop, and tailored it to my needs. I also wanted to invite parents to the workshop, as I felt it would be beneficial for them. Lise was very open to that as well."
-Jessica Chiu, Executive Director of Mckernan Child Care Society

  • Week 1: Introduction to mindfulness, deep breathing and self-acceptance

  • Week 2: Demystifying thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations

  • Week 3: Tapping in to the wisdom of our body

  • Week 4: Dealing with strong emotions

  • Week 5: Decoding the language of emotions

  • Week 6: How to release trapped emotions

  • Week 7: Resolving conflicts with others and our three choices in the now

  • Week 8: Real happiness and the mirror principle

"Lise Villeneuve's approach to teaching mindfulness is unique and effective. With her Mary Poppin's type bag of tools, metaphors and examples, Lise has been able to help seniors learn the principles of Mindfulness that they can apply to their lives. For several, these tools have been life changing. Teaching how to control emotions, reduce chronic pain, and cope with the kinds of issues seniors face on a daily basis, has made a measurable impact on the seniors at the Edmonton Seniors Centre. If you have a chance to hear her speak or take one of her classes, I encourage you to avail yourself of the opportunity. It can change your perspective and your life." 
-Linda F. Ensley, MBA. Assist. Executive Director of the Edmonton Senior Centre at the Edmonton General Hospital

What will be covered in this program:

"The members in my group all suffer from a variety of chronic pain and my goal is to help then achieve acceptance and learn tools to minimize their pain. We all enjoyed how Lise kept the group interactive by participating in questions. She shared personal stories and an important mindfulness tool (the body scan). Their response to Lise was absolutely positive and they were thrilled to experience a method to help them control something that has taken so much from them. The look on their faces was of surprise and relief in the new knowledge that they can have some control over their pain. Lise was an amazing instructor and I could not only hear their thanks but could see the gratitude on their faces. Lise has truly given them the gift of hope."
-Lori, Instructor of the Surviving To Thriving Chronic Pain Support Group at the Edmonton General Hospital.