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About Lise

About Lise Villeneuve...


Lise holds an Honor’s degree from the University of Alberta (B.A./Psychology Major), is a Certified Health & Wellness Advisor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New-York), as well as a Reiki master. Over the years, she has created, taught and published multiple mindfulness & emotional awareness programs / workshops for various organisations such as the Edmonton General Hospital’s Senior Center, the Himalayan Meditation Center, the McKernan Child Care Society and many more.


Lise helps individuals tap into the source of their happiness and power by helping them get realigned with the wisdom and guidance of their own heart.


Lise uses a mindfulness-based approach with a strong focus on emotional awareness to empower people of all ages to become more self-aware, self-regulated and content.


Over the past decade, Lise has witnessed how mindfulness, emotional literacy, meditation and spiritual understanding are powerful catalysts that radically transform lives. This results in more vitality, more joy, more fulfillment, as well as less stress, less anxiety and less frustration.

Lise compassionately listens and intuitively guides you from a place of loving awareness of your full potential. She offers the necessary training, resources and insights that ultimately lead you to the source of your own happiness and power.

Lise helps you to help yourself for life through applied knowledge, sharpened awareness, and increased confidence in your own ability to control and shape your inner-world.
Wise Willy


Lise is fully bilingual in English and French.


She recently published a comprehensive mindfulness & emotional awareness program designed specifically for kids that is available on Amazon.


Relevant Work Experience:

  • Mindfulness & emotional awareness Instructor & Program Creator, 2015 to present.

  • Speaker and educator for various organisations (mindfulness and emotional intelligence workshops), 2017 to present.

  • Mindfulness Instructor for seniors at the Edmonton General Hospital, 2019-2020.

  • Mindfulness Instructor at the Himalayan Meditation Center, 2017-2020.

  • Counselor, Health and Wellness Advisor, Life Coach, 2015-2017.

  • International singer & songwriter, 1996-2008.


Courses Created and Taught by Lise:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation for Adults: an 8-week course, 2020.

  • Conscious Kids Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy Program: a 10-week mindfulness program taught to young families in-person and online, 2015-2020.

  • Conscious Kids Certification Training Program: a 10-week certification program for adults who want to teach the Conscious Kids curriculum, 2018-2020.

  • Conscious Coach: a 12-week audio program that helps individuals reach their goals in a conscious manner, 2016.

  • Conscious Health: a 26-week online program that helps individuals optimize their health and wellness while simultaneously raising their awareness.

Published Works:

  • Wise Willy’s Secret Manual to Become a Mindful Superhero: a 12-Book Series / Course on mindfulness and emotional intelligence for kids, 2021.

  • Conscious Kids: a complete 26-week mindfulness course for families, 2015

  • 13 Chansons Pour Entendre Son Coeur: a self-help book combined with a music CD of original songs, 2007.


  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2014.

  • Certified Reiki Master, 2012.

  • Honor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta, 1997.


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